John Rigby Dublin Built Percussion Target Rifle.   This one of the Famous Dublin Built Target

Rifles that the Irish team used at Creedmore so successfully.   This rifle appears to be very similar

to the one pictured in the book "Rigby: A Grand Tradition, by Calabi, Helsley, and Sanger that

was among the personal effects of General Custer at Ft. Mandan.  Perhaps if Custer would have

had his Rigby at the Little Big Horn he could have engaged the Indians a much longer distance and

changed the outcome?  Guess we will never know.   In any event this particular rifle, #14642

was sold on December 8, 1876 to one John Brewster.  The rifle is in excellent overall condition,

showing only very moderate use.



Maker John Rigby - Dublin
Gauge/Caliber .45 Cal.
Barrels 33"
Chokes n/a
Engraving Border
Action Percussion Hammer
Stock English Walnut
Butt Steel
L.O.P. 14 1/4
Weight 9 lbs. 14.2 oz.
Stock Dimensions n/a
Price $12,500.00

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