Alex Henry 450/400 3 1/4" Double Rifle.   Exceptional Condition Rifle.  Rifle is  Far Above  average

 for 400's.  Bores  measure .410 in both and are Excellent with bright shiny bores from breach to muzzles.

This rifle regulates both barrels in the space of half a playing card with a load of 80 grains of IMR 4831

behind a .411 Woodleigh Soft Point.  It is the only double rifle I've ever had that regulated perfectly with

first load tried. 

The Webley action is a true 400 size action as is used on the 400/360's.  Very petite -

practical size action for a 400;   keeping the weight around 10 pounds. 

Wood is solid with no cracks.  Checkering is sharp. Case colors have faded to a pleasing

mousey grey color with some mottled case color mixed in.  Action is solid on the face.

About as nice as one can find in this vintage.


Maker Alex Henry
Gauge/Caliber 450 - 400 3 1/4"
Barrels 26" Extractor with 1S&2F on a quarter rib.
Chokes Full & Full
Engraving Relief
Action Webley Screw Grip
Stock English Walnut
Butt Solid Silvers Pad
L.O.P. 14 3/8
Weight 10 lbs. even
Stock Dimensions n/a
Price SOLD

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