Westley Richards Ovundo in .375 H&H Flanged Magnum.  Superb Condition with Mint Bores.

Exceptional Gold Inlaid African Sable by Marcus A. Hunt.  Scoped with a German Pecar 

1.5 - 4 Variable.  Very accurate.  Ready and Legal for any game, worldwide. 

Cased in Crocodile Leather Case


Maker Westley Richards
Gauge/Caliber .375 H&H Flanged Magnum
Barrels 25"
Rib Quarter Rib with 3 folding sights
Engraving Scroll with Gold inlay by M.A.Hunt
Action Westley Richards Patented Ovundo 
Stock French Walnut with Monte Carlo
Butt Smooth Black Rubber
L.O.P. 14 3/8"
Weight 9 lbs. 2 oz without Scope -  10 lbs. 4 oz. with scope
Stock Dimensions n/a
Price (SOLD)

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